Dominic Thiem You are not biting your tongue during this period without competitive tennis. First, it was her statements about the voluntary Aid Fund that caused quite a stir, but her last interview with the Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper also does not promise to leave anyone indifferent. In this case, the focus of their protests has been quite clear: all the events that have been triggered after the Adria Tour dispute and the wave of positives in Croatia.

The first thing Thiem did was answer all those who criticized him for continuing to play tournaments like the Ultimate Tennis Showdown or the Austrian championship after being in contact with players who tested positive on the Adria Tour, such as Grigor Dimitrov or Novak Djokovic. Dominic defended himself with some forcefulness. “After the Adria Tour in Belgrade, I underwent a daily test for ten days, until the incubation period was over.”

And it is that the tests of coronavirus, of which he came to speak on a break from his games at UTS, became part of your routine: “They were part of my daily routine for a few days. I went to the airport to do the tests; if the results were negative, it was time to train again. That was the rhythm, although definitely better than being quarantined. I don’t see why I should lock myself in the house if I’m healthy. So I decided to undergo all those tests. “

The, at least, questionable way of facing Thiem’s ​​wave of negatives varies with the route taken by some of his colleagues. One of them, Alexander Zverev, promised that he would be isolated for 14 days to clear any apex of the coronavirus from his body … to appear a few days later at a party, surrounded by many people. However, Dominic wasted no time defending one of his best friends on the circuit.

“He should have done the same as me. He also tested negative, but his only mistake is that he first wrote that statement and then had the bad luck to have it recorded during a party. I don’t like the way people are criticizing him. He is being treated like a boy going to school, but he is a 23-year-old man. Yes, it is clear that he made a mistake, but I do not understand why everyone is getting involved in what has happened. ”

Another of the tennis players whom Thiem defended was neither more nor less than the organizer of the tournament, Novak Djokovic, praising the Serbian good intentions: “Djokovic has not committed a crime. We can all be wrong, but I do not understand part of the criticism. I have been to Nice and I have also seen photos of other cities; they are nothing different than what was happening in Belgrade during the tournament. It is very cheap to ‘shoot’ at Djokovic now. “

Dominic was not at all comfortable here. If there is someone who has been especially critical of what happened in the exhibition tournament, that is without a doubt Nick Kyrgios. He also had words towards him: “Kyrgios himself has spoken a lot of nonsense. I don’t understand why do you have to get into everything. It would be nice if the first thing he did was accept his mistakes rather than criticizing the rest. ”

Finally, the Austrian made reference to the tight ATP calendar for the rest of the year, making it quite clear that playing two Grand Slams practically in a row, on different surfaces, will not be an easy task: “Right now, I would have to sacrifice one of the two Grand Slams. To have options in Paris, the best is to fall in New York soon. ”