The coordinator of the Caceh assured that the employees of this sector have been the most affected during the pandemic, since they have been fired or their wages have been cut, in addition to the fact that they do not have a contract or social security.

Marcelina Bautista Bautista, coordinator of the Training Center for Domestic Workers, AC, affirmed that it is not possible to ask the employees of this sector not to work and stay at home during the pandemic due to the new coronavirus, since they have no other support .

“There is no way to tell her to feel calm, stay locked up, because they have no support. Telling them to stay at your house cannot apply to many, because they live daily, “he said.

During a press conference in the National Palace, Bautista Bautista pointed out that what the Mexican government, employers and society can do is raise awareness and grant the rights that correspond to domestic workers.

He indicated that even domestic workers themselves must know their rights and demand what is theirs by law.

“Neither more nor less, which is the law. There are many domestic workers who prefer a job than demanding that, but all the time they complain that they work more than 14 hours. They ask for social security and they don’t want to give them because they don’t have money; or if they give them social security, they lower their wages, “he said.

Marcelina Bautista indicated that many domestic workers prefer to have a precarious job, with mistreatment, discrimination, because they are afraid to organize

“It is a right to the organization, so I ask my colleagues to unite and demand those rights, because they are people with rights. Also just as employers demand all the care to return, they also have to be more careful and, above all, fulfill their rights, they will return and must sign a contract and have social security, ”he asserted.

Cp Salud Imss Th, 26may20 by Aristegui Noticias on Scribd