He believes that the German is preparing as the most for this season

Hope this year he remembers his greatness as a pilot

Stefano Domenicali, former Ferrari sports chief and current Lamborghini president, is confident that Sebastian Vettel can sign a good season this year. The Italian businessman wants it to start so that the four-time champion shows that he is up to his record.

The recent difficulties Vettel has had in recent years make many forget that German is a four-time world champion. However, Domenicali is convinced of Sebastian’s ability and points out that 2020 is a very good opportunity for him to remember what kind of pilot he is.

The Lamborghini president is confident in Vettel’s qualities, that he is preparing himself to the full for the start of the season and remembers that he is still a great champion. Thus, Domenicali believes that Sebastian will not be affected by the delay of the World Cup, since he hopes to see the driver with more motivation than ever about Ferrari.

“The most important thing from a sporting point of view is that the season begins. Sebastian will be ready,” Domenicali told Sky Italia.

“On an emotional level and in terms of energy, it is difficult to keep control of all this in this situation full of uncertainty, but will will not be lacking and will want to demonstrate that it can live up to its honors again, after harsh criticism and difficult seasons. It will show who it is. Sebastian is still a great champion“, Add.

Domenicali stresses that the fight for renewal is an extra point of motivation for which Vettel must fight on the track. “In addition, Binotto said that they are already negotiating the renewal, so he will also have to play his cards,” adds Domenicali, who acknowledges that one of the biggest disappointments of his career was experienced in 2010 and 2012, with defeats against Vettel.

“In 2010, in the last race, in Abu Dhabi, we were unsuccessful and in 2012, in Brazil, when we lost a race with Alonso in which everything happened, but they were all difficult times that make you grow,” says Domenicali for close.

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