The Pole suffered a rally accident months before signing for Ferrari

Robert admits that he would have formed a “spicy” couple with Fernando

Stefano Domenicali, former Ferrari sports director, acknowledges that it would have been fun to have Fernando Alonso and Robert Kubica as partners in Ferrari. The Pole, who had signed to drive for Scuderia in 2012, agrees with the Italian manager.

Domenicali was at the helm of Ferrari until 2014. The Italian, who is now Lamborghini’s president, admits that he would have liked the signing of Robert Kubica to have been completed as Fernando Alonso’s teammate.

“Before the accident, Robert was a very high-level racing driver. Would he have become a teammate with Alonso at Ferrari? It would have been fun,” Domenicali said in remarks for Sky Italia.

Kubica revealed two years ago that he was very close to signing for Ferrari, but the serious rally accident he suffered frustrated his dream. Now the Polish downplays this movement, although he is clear that he would have formed an explosive couple with his great friend Fernando.

“Who said that he had a signed contract? It could be that I said it or that I referred to him without confirming it. I also remember the date well, but I can’t talk about it. With Alonso, we would have been a very hot couple,” he says. Kubica.

The Polish driver also highlights the difficulty he had running 15 years ago compared to current Formula 1. “Around 2005-2006, it was rare for you to see an overtaking. In modern Formula 1, with DRS, overtaking is much easier. Today Alonso would have overtaken Petrov after one lap, which also shows how much Formula 1 has changed. “stresses Kubica.

In addition, Robert insists that he considers Fernando the best driver in modern F1. “For me, in Formula 1, Alonso is the strongest driver of the modern era,” says the Alfa Romeo reserve to close.

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