Dolph Ziggler was transferred to WWE RAW from SmackDown. It was a sudden move that some fans didn’t see coming. Most assumed that he was still in a rivalry with Otis.

Dolph Ziggler couldn’t develop more chemistry with Otis for this reason

While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Dolph Ziggler admitted that she did not request to be switched to RAW. He agreed that his rivalry with Otis was over. As live events take place, they have no additional time between them to develop more chemistry.

Dolph Ziggler is on RAW and he directly earned a WWE Championship shot. In the end, he understood the reason for the change. This was what he said:

Don’t ask to be moved [a RAW]but I feel that [la rivalidad entre] Me and Otis had come to an end. I really liked working with Otis, Mandy and Sonya. If these were the old days and we were going five days a week and doing live events, we would have had even more chemistry and something really special. In this day and age, where it’s just a television show in a closed studio, like young superstars, they came very quickly. But I don’t know where else we could go with that, so I fully understand the switch to Raw.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre have a history. They were able to pick things up the moment The Show Off returned to the red mark.

We’ll have to see what happens next with Otis. Mr. Money in the Bank, is still with his beautiful Mandy waiting for his opportunity to exchange the briefcase.

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