Dolli Irigoyen crossed the Turco García on Masterchef Celebrity: “I saw you singing, you have to learn to listen”

The phrase from Turco García that bothered the jury at the beginning of the program (Video: “Masterchef Celebrity” – Telefe)

Claudio the Turk Garcia is undoubtedly one of the revelations of Masterchef Celebrity. Unknown outside the sports environment, the former soccer player surprises program by program with the sensitivity of his hard life story combined with the typical spark of the neighborhood tormentor. So it was alternating good and bad in the contest, until this Monday crossed the threshold of sympathy and the jury did to know.

It all started with the presentation of the program. During the usual tour that the driver makes Santiago del Moro for each of the participants, he reached the kitchen of the former soccer player. “Turquito, how are you doing?”he asked. “I want to do things well, that’s why I get nervous,” replied the Turk. And to combat those nerves, he displayed his characteristic good humor when addressing the jury. “Dolli, how is she? The most beautiful flower between those two pots “, greeted Dolli Irigoyen with a handsome pose and an obvious reference to the other two jurors, Donato De Santis Y Damien Betular, who couldn’t believe what they heard. “Are the pots the judges?” Del Moro asked to clear doubts. “Sure, two beautiful pots. For a flower like Dolli you have to have two pretty pots, “Garcia answered, wanting to fix it.

But he had already started on the left foot and the day did not continue well for the former footballer. He had a bad time in the so-called “extreme market” – for this time, the usual visit to the market was a test of physical skill – although he was seen to be relaxed in preparing his plate. “I like to cook without a recipe, because when you miss it, bye. Here you can invent, defend the plate more ”he pointed out as he finalized the cooking details.

The presentation of Turco García’s plate (Video: “Masterchef Celebrity” – Telefe)

With that confidence, he presented to the jury his “Río Revuelta”, a tenderloin steak with scrambled peas. “It’s well seasoned,” he warned Betular before he tasted his bite. “I defend my plate to the death, as I defended the shirts of all the teams I played,” Garcia said, who could not remain silent. “Give me joy today, I ask you please,” he implored the jury. But he was going to find an observation that threw him off his feet.

“I am struck by the size of the steak”, Betular started. “It is what little there was in the butcher shop,” answered the Turk. But the jury had other information: “I saw you eating one of you”. The Turk was cornered and chose the counterattack to defend himself. “Yes, you also have to share, don’t be selfish. Three steaks, one for each, and the fourth I ate. You have to share, didn’t they teach you in the garden? “he asked the jury, who smiled incredulously at the explanation.

Still with a smile, Dolli walked over to taste the dish. And when the Turk threatened to resume the initial conversation to praise his elegance, the jury put him in his place with a gesture and a warning. “Turkish, I’m going to tell you about your plate”, he stopped seriously. What she and her colleagues had to say was not what the participant expected.

“You have to learn to process the information”, De Santis started the round and was not at all happy with the preparation. Even angrier, almost disappointed, was Irigoyen. “Turk, I bet on your plate, but you don’t know how to listen. I told you ‘the eggs at the last minute, stir and serve’. But I saw you clamoring that you had the scrambled eggs, eating the steak, but the heat from the pan kept heating up “Dolli commented as Garcia’s face already showed seriousness. “It was all delicious at the time, but what came is sadness”, the jury closed.

The hard return of Dolli Irigoyen to Turco García (Video: “Masterchef Celebrity” – Telefe)

Del Moro intervened to find out if he had played against eating a steak. “I don’t think it’s bad for him to try, but not ‘I’m done’ type,” replied Dolli, imitating the participant’s cancheros gestures. “I see you, Turk,” he warned. “Well, come on, next time I won’t eat”, he rehearsed an answer in a whimsical way, but the jury returned to the charge. “Now what do you want, get angry too? To your place “, he ordered with applause and a gesture that the participant caught on the fly.

“He sent me to the desk”, admitted once in his place the Turk, who acknowledged his bad attitude and sent his apologies to the jury. “Dolli, you know you are a genius”he said as he blew her a kiss from a distance. In the back, he did not hesitate to define it: “More than a teacher, she looks like a director, because she sees everything. There I already said ‘I am completely baked’ “. His intuition did not fail him and he put on the gray apron with which he will compete next Thursday to avoid the elimination gala. “I want to be on the screen”, he accepted with a mixture of optimism and resignation.


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