Dollar today Thursday, January 14, 2021, exchange rate in Mexico

Mexico City. He dollar price started today Thursday, January 14 at $ 19.79 Mexican pesos, very similar to its last close yesterday. At exchange rate, the dollar has remained in a daily range of 19.76 as a minimum to 19.88 units as a maximum.

The coin The national currency has appreciated in recent days, in a behavior similar to that exhibited by other currencies of emerging countries in the foreign exchange against the dollar. He Mexican peso benefits from optimism in the markets.

Exchange rate of the dollar to pesos in Mexican banks. | My Pocket

The reason why the value of the peso has increased is related to the fact that this afternoon a possible fiscal stimulus plan in the United States could be announced, which would be promoted by the new president Joe Biden, in an attempt to give a boost to the domestic and world economy.

US media point out that the package could even be around 2 billion dollars.

Price of the dollar today to Mexican pesos in real time:

Yesterday, the Mexican peso closed with a loss of 4.2 cents against the dollar, however this morning it started with a slight recovery of 3.3 cents.

As for the price of the euro, it is located at $ 24.08 pesos, for $ 27.08 of the pound sterling.

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