With the strong dollar abroad and the fiscal and political risks on the radar, the American currency increases the high also against the real on Thursday (14). It also worries the surge in cases and deaths from the new coronavirus in Brazil, which may require an increase in social isolation in some states and municipalities in the country.

In the global and local currency markets, the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech echoes that there is a possibility of a solvency crisis in the USA, as an effect of the coronavirus pandemic. He also ruled out adopting negative interest rates in the country. Investors will also evaluate weekly US unemployment claims (9:30 am).

In addition, there is the news of increased spending due to the approval, in a joint session of Congress, of the project that authorizes salary readjustment of up to 25% of the police in the Federal District, which has an estimated cost of R $ 505 million per year. As this vote was part of an agreement between President Jair Bolsonaro and Centrão, it may now be that Bolsonaro soon signs the veto to the possibility of readjusting the salaries of public servants in the emergency aid project for states and municipalities.

The market is also expecting the release of the video of the ministerial meeting on April 22, in which former minister Sergio Moro accuses Bolsonaro of trying to interfere with the Federal Police.

The testimony of the delegate Carlos Henrique Oliveira, current executive director of the Federal Police and new number two of the corporation, also brings caution. He affirmed in a statement on Wednesday, 13, that the corporation did target family members of President Jair Bolsonaro.

According to him, the inquiry was of electoral scope, and has already been reported without indictment. The aforementioned investigation focused on alleged crimes of money laundering and misrepresentation involving the declaration of assets of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 elections. Oliveira’s confirmation on the inquiry contradicts Bolsonaro, who declared on Tuesday, 12 , that nobody in his family is investigated by the Federal Police.

Earlier, IBGE’s monthly industrial survey showed that industrial production shrank in all 15 locations surveyed in March compared to February. In São Paulo, the largest industrial park in the country, the fall was 5.4%.

At 9:17 am, the spot dollar was up 0.32% to R $ 5.9198, after registering a high of R $ 5.9393 (+ 0.65%). The June dollar advanced 0.49%, to R $ 5.9240, after reaching a maximum of R $ 5.9450 (+ 0.85%).

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