Dollar price today Sunday, November 15, exchange rate

Mexico City. Today Sunday 15 of November 2020 dollar is listed in $ 20.40 Mexican pesos, trending down according to The Mexican currency ended this week with an appreciation of 22.13 cents per dollar unit, although it had previously spun two days of loss. During this Sunday, the markets remain closed.

During the week, the weighting factors for the movement of the peso in the exchange rate were, on the one hand, the release of information on coronavirus vaccines: according to its developers, the Pfizer vaccine is 90% effective against the virus; and the vaccine developed by Russia would show 92% effectiveness, also according to its developers.

This factor boosted several currencies, however enthusiasm fell again along with increases in the virus globally, especially in the United States. Despite the above, Wall Street had a good week, with record numbers in its shares.

Another point was the decision of Banxico to maintain its benchmark interest rate at 4.25%, contrary to the fact that analysts expected another cut of 25 basis points, which would have placed the rate at 4.00%.

Exchange rate: Dollar price in real time:

As for the exchange rate in banks in Mexico, the dollar for sale has its highest price in Scotiabank, at $ 22.20. For the purchase, its lowest price is in Banorte and IXE, at $ 19.25.

Regarding the euro, it is priced at $ 24.15 pesos, for $ 26.91 pesos of the British pound overall average. Regarding the oil price, West Texas Intermediate is at 40.12 per barrel, trending down.

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