Dollar price today Monday, November 16, exchange rate

Mexico City. Today Monday 16 of November 2020 dollar is listed in $ 20.37 Mexican pesos, trending down according to The United States currency is currently operating 3 cents less than on Friday, when it closed at 20.40 pesos per unit. The Mexican currency spun two weeks of advance in the exchange rate, recovering around 22.13 cents.

According to Banco Base analyst Gabriela Siller, during the week that ended the most appreciated currency was the Turkish lira, with 10.27%, trading at 7.64 liras per dollar.

During this morning, it has been known that the coronavirus vaccine developed by the Moderna pharmaceutical company has a 94.5% effectiveness. This makes it, so far, the one with the best result against the virus, according to its preliminary studies in stage 3.

Exchange rate: Dollar price in real time:

As for the exchange rate in banks in Mexico, the dollar for sale has its highest price in Scotiabank, at $ 22.20. For the purchase, its lowest price is in Banorte and IXE, at $ 19.25.

Regarding the euro, it is priced at $ 24.09 pesos, for $ 26.86 pesos of the British pound overall average. Regarding the oil price, West Texas Intermediate is at 40.30 a barrel, trending up.

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