Dollar price today January 15, 2021, exchange rate in Mexico

Mexico City. He dollar price started today Friday, January 15 at $ 19.82 Mexican pesos, very similar to its last close yesterday. At exchange rate, the peso remains below 20 units, however, it registered a loss in value compared to its price during the early morning.

Hours before, the exchange rate for the Mexican peso was 19.68 units per dollar, as minimal price, while the maximum of today’s range was 19.84 units.

The fall of the peso this morning represents 0.66 percent, however, the national currency remains far from the levels to which it fell last week.

The value of dollar to purchase Yet the sale in Mexican banks appears in the following table:

In recent days, the optimistic mood that favored the dollar has deflated, despite the announcement of the president-elect, Joe Biden, who announced that among his first government actions will be to inject 1.9 billion dollars into the US economy.

Markets will continue to watch for economic data from the United States. The most recent one published was that of retail sales, which fell 0.7% last December compared to November, which is not good news for the economy.

Price of the dollar today to Mexican pesos in real time:

As for the price of the euro, it stands at $ 24.01 pesos, for $ 26.98 of the pound sterling.

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