The dollar started trading this Thursday, 4, in a fall, of more than 1%, quoted at R $ 5.0266, in a week marked by relevant setbacks of the American currency. On Monday, for example, the price reached R $ 5.4194 and, on Wednesday, it already closed at R $ 5.09. This week, too, there was a good pace of optimism in international markets, which influences the local market.

Another point that can be highlighted in this scenario is a perception that investors had gone too far (“overshooting”), as explained by the columnist of the Estadão Celso Ming. External accounts, he says, are not in danger and the country is not sunk in foreign debt. Soon, risky assets became attractive again and exporters and investors returned to bring their dollars. This has caused a 13.4% drop in the price since March.

March, in fact, was the month in which the dollar first reached, in a nominal way, when inflation is not discounted, the level of R $ 5, and, on May 14, it came to cost R $ 5.9718, the nominal record. In exchange offices, the tourism dollar surpassed, for a certain period, the R $ 6.20 barrier.

International Markets

The Asian Stock Exchanges closed mostly on Thursday, 4, continuing the movement of the previous three trading sessions, still supported by optimism regarding the process of economic reopening after the coronavirus shock and expectations of additional stimuli.

The European Stock Exchanges opened lower on Thursday, after accumulating gains in the previous three trading sessions amid the optimism generated by the gradual process of economic reopening after the shock of the coronavirus pandemic.

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