The dollar opened up 0.65% in the Brazilian market, reaching a price of R $ 5.9393 a few minutes after the beginning of the negotiations, influenced by the persistent global caution, which once again supports the appreciation of the American currency. In addition, investors pay attention to the Brazilian political and fiscal scenario, marked by expectations due to the possible lifting of secrecy from the video of the ministerial meeting with the president, Jair Bolsonaro, on April 22.

On Wednesday, 13, the spot dollar closed with an appreciation of 0.55%, at the nominal record of R $ 5.9008, accumulating an increase of 2.7% in the last three trading sessions. Since the beginning of the year, the currency has appreciated 47%.

International influence

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that “it is a great time to have a strong dollar” now that interest rates are low, although trade is likely to suffer.

In an interview with Fox Business, Trump also said he expects the American economy to start to recover in the third quarter, as more states in the country reopen their economy, after the blockade period caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Demand is again supported by signals from the Federal Reserve (Fed) president, Jerome Powell. On Wednesday, he mentioned the possibility of a solvency crisis in the United States, as an effect of the coronavirus pandemic, and ruled out the adoption of negative interest rates in the country.

Investors are also looking forward to weekly US unemployment claims. Any drop in profit realization can be punctual.

Local scenario

The defense of ex-minister Sérgio Moro asked for full disclosure of the video, or at least that “all the president’s speeches be published during such a meeting”. The request was sent on Wednesday to Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Celso de Mello, rapporteur of the inquiry into President Jair Bolsonaro’s alleged attempt to interfere with the Federal Police.

In relation to the fiscal scenario, deputies and senators approved in a session of Congress, on Wednesday night, a project that authorizes the salary recomposition of the police in the Federal District. With an estimated cost of R $ 505 million per year, the proposal provides for the possibility of adjustment for careers funded by the Federal Constitutional Fund. The text also contemplates retroactive payments to January 2020 and goes against the freezing of civil servants’ salaries defended by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, and foreseen in the emergency aid project to States and municipalities.

It is still on the radar the eventual unfolding of the covid-19 exams presented by President Jair Bolsonaro to the STF. One of the three covid-19 exams presented by Bolsonaro does not have a CPF, RG, date of birth or any other information that links the medical report to the Chief Executive or to anyone else. In the role of Fiocruz, attributed by the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) to Bolsonaro, only one name identification appears: “Patient 05”. The same does not happen in the other two reports, made by the Sabin laboratory. / SERGIO CALDAS, SILVANA ROCHA and LUÍSA LAVAL

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