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The discreet life of Noor from Jordan: away from court and focused on social causes

She was one of the youngest queen consorts in the world and also one of the most admired. Noor of Jordan lived a fairytale love story with King Hussein of Jordan, whom he married in 1978 and with whom he was until his death in 1999. When he ascended the throne, Noor won the affection of Jordanians with his attitude and his commitment, becoming one of the great supports of the Hashemite monarch, together with whom he had four children, Hamzah, Hashim, Imam and Rayah. It was precisely the eldest of them, Hamzah, who has provoked his reaction on his social profiles, words that have taken Noor de Jordan from the certain anonymity in which he has remained in recent years. Following the broadcast of a video of his son on the BBC, in which he denounced that he had been detained, Noor wrote: “I pray that truth and justice prevail for all innocent victims of this evil slander. May God bless you and keep them safe. ”Hamzah bin Hussein, this is the son of Noor of Jordan accused of conspiring against his brother, King Abdullah Fairytale wedding: Noor of Jordan’s daughter marries the grandson of the creator of ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory ‘VIEW GALLERY Dumped on very diverse causes Noor from Jordan lived devoted to her family and helping those most in need during her marriage to King Hussein, a work of commitment and dedication to various causes that was accentuated after death of her husband when he left the commitments of the court -the cordiality of his relationship with the current queen, Rania has been questioned at this time-. At almost 70 years old and with a discreet life between Washington, London and Jordan, has dedicated his efforts to various issues such as nuclear disarmament and the elimination of atomic weapons, areas in which he has joined forces with personalities such as Meg Ryan. She collaborates with several international organizations for conflict resolution, including Global Zero, an initiative of which she is a co-founder and which is dedicated to the global elimination of nuclear weapons. Politicians such as Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Frank Carlucci, Jimmy Carter, Lawrence Eagleburger, soldiers such as Anthony Zinni, the religious leader Desmond Tutu and the businessman Richard Branson have embarked on this. VIEW GALLERY Advocates for intercultural understanding, conflict prevention and issues such as aid to refugees, missing persons, poverty and climate change, as detailed by the ICMP (International Commission on Missing Persons). The same organization highlights the work of Noor from Jordan at the head of the foundation that bears her husband’s name, which has focused on launching programs to eradicate poverty and help the development of women, among other objectives. Her position as president of the United World Schools (UWC) organization reflects her interest and effort in using education to end social inequalities – to this group belongs, for example, the school in Wales where Princess Eleanor will attend secondary school from next September-. VIEW GALLERY Among his friends, Noor of Jordan has that of Queen Sofía, with whom he shared so many occasions during the reigns of Kings Hussein and Don Juan Carlos, and with whom he continues to maintain close contact as demonstrated, for example, by his presence at the celebration of the 80th birthday of Don Felipe’s mother. A life whose memories Noor rescued in her memoir Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life, published in 2003. Her children remain the most important thing to her. Last July he celebrated in London the wedding of his young daughter, Princess Rayah, who married British journalist Ned Donovan, grandson of the famous writer Roald Dahl, creator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and brother of actress Sophie Dahl, married to singer Jamie Cullum. Queen Noor accompanied her young daughter, dressed in a blue kaftan with gold embroidery on the sleeves. VIEW GALLERY His son in the spotlight In the video that saw the light last weekend, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, Noor’s eldest son and father’s brother of the current King Abdullah, maintains that on Saturday morning he went to his residence of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, who “informed me that I was not allowed to go out, communicate with people or meet with them, because in the meetings in which I was present, or in the social networks related to the visits I made, there were criticisms of the Government or the King. ”The Jordanian Armed Forces denied the words of King Abdullah II’s brother, although at the same time the authorities would have recognized the detention of people such as the former Minister of Finance, Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Hasan bin Zaid, a member of the royal family, as indicated by the official Jordanian news agency Petra SEE GALLERY The prince maintains that he is not part of any plot against the monarch as published in the press in his country, where there is even talk of an apparent coup attempt. Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi gave a press conference in which he said that “the security services, through exhaustive investigations … have long monitored the activities and movements of Prince Hamzah bin al Hussein, Sharif Hasan bin Zaid and Basem Awadallah and others with the security and stability of the homeland as their objective ”.