DogeHouse, the solidarity cryptocurrency that rescues dogs






What is Dogehouse ($ DHOUSE)?

$ DHOUSE is an automatic yield generation protocol and frictionless. All you have to do is save your $ DHOUSE and you will automatically receive more $ DHOUSE in your wallet.
This is done by charging a 7% tax on all transactions, which are then divided into a 5% to all holders as a reward, and 2% is automatically added to the liquidity pool, essentially creating an ever-increasing price floor.

What is the usefulness of $ DHOUSE?

Dogs are wonderful creatures and they deserve to have a happy life. I love dogs and have rescued some, and want to do more good for them!
We will make donations to animal shelters, With the aim of rescuing dogs! We will put up animal shelters for the community to vote, and even in some cases specific dogs.

$ DHOUSE will have a donation purse that will gradually accumulate transaction fees. This wallet will be locked for 2 weeks in a row. Once unlocked, we will take the earnings from commissions (never touching the initial amount)
And we will choose our donations!

The inspiration of the founder:

“This puppy here is my inspiration. His name is Rowdy. He’s not Rowdy at all, he doesn’t even know how to bark yet. Both times he’s barked, he’s been scared. I rescued him from a horrible abusive human. Since then it has brought me joy every day. I want to return these wonderful creatures, they all deserve a happy life. “

NFT FARMING with DEGENR partners!

“We will work and partner with one of the most dominant NFT platforms at BSC, DEGENR.
You will be able to use your $ DHOUSE tokens and pair them with DEGENR, adding to the liquidity. “

As they state: “We want to do NFTs, celebrating all the doges in our community. We will draw from the gigantic collection of beautiful bulldogs that people are sending us “

You can visit the DogeHouse page at the following link: DOGEHOUSE