The state of Texas in the United States registered a new case in which a dog tested positive for COVID-19, thus becoming the fifth canine to carry the disease in that country. Months before, a puppy in China also tested positive. Experts do not recommend testing pet animals, since they are not considered to be dangerous for the transmission of COVID-19. However, this was an exceptional case, since the pet had been in contact with its owners, which were positive in a recent test.

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Experts do not recommend testing COVID-19 on pets, as they have not been found to pose a risk of disease transmission. However if someone is sick the ideal is to stay away from the animals in the house and avoid “petting, hugging, kissing them and allow them to lick us, as well as share food or sleep in the same bed, ”said the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC).

The two-year-old dog he is healthy despite the disease.

Before being diagnosed with COVID-19, it is important to consider all the possible diseases that our pet could present:

“If your pet shows signs of a respiratory infection, see your vet so they can assess if the animal has any common respiratory disease before suspecting a SARS-CoV-2 virus infection,” a TAHC spokesperson told him. to Forbes.

With this, five canines suffering from the disease of COVID-19 are added in the United States, with the remaining cases distributed in New York and Georgia. In addition, five cats have been diagnosed with the virus, although according to studies dogs are less susceptible to the virus than cats.