Miami Florida.- Enrique ‘Dog’ Bermúdez was interviewed in ‘Now or Never’ ESPN and the chronicler revealed that he was close to going to the television station. Also, he mentioned that it would have been difficult to work with José Ramón Fernández, since, on air, he makes him a despot.

Interviewed by Herculez Gomez and Mauricio Pedroza, ‘Dog’ Bermúdez said he was “20 seconds away” from reaching ESPN.

I had a very important offer, financially, economically, at the level of people who treated me wonderfully, on ESPN. I was 20 seconds away from going to ESPN, ”he said.

‘Dog’ Bermúdez said he was about to sign with ESPN, when he went to Televisa Deportes and the company told him not to leave, so there was a negotiation.

Subsequently, in 2013, ‘Perro’ Bermúdez arrived at Univisión, the television station with which he narrated at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. For Russia 2018, Univisión lost the broadcasting rights, so it was aTelevisa as “reinforcement” and later, it arrived TUDN.

Enrique Bermúdez clarified that he never stopped narrating Mexican soccer, but he did stop narrating for Mexico, because he was a commentator on Liga MX matches for the United States.

‘On the air,‘ Joserra ’is a despot,’ he says

Questioned by Mauricio Pedroza about what would have happened if he had reached ESPN, working with José Ramón Fernández, ‘Dog’ Bermúdez pointed out that it would have been difficult.

Bermúdez indicated that he respects ‘Joserra’ very much, describing him as the best journalist in Mexico, for his record, for his record and for the criticism he handles, but he does not like certain aspects of the analyst.

I only see one negative thing in José Ramón and I said it to his face: ‘you eat with butter, thanks to América’, because you hit América. No journalist can incite to hate a team, to go against a team. You lose objectivity, “he declared.

‘Dog’ Bermúdez said he does not know if he had “collided” with ‘Joserra’, because in his opinion, the journalist mistreats his colleagues and is a despot on the air.

Something that I do not like, as a viewer, I have not worked with him, is the way he treats his colleagues. He is a despot, on air, ”he said.

Bermúdez also highlighted that ‘Joserra’ has dropped out of school and among his outstanding students he mentioned André Marín, Christian Martinoli and David Faitelson.

Enrique Bermúdez also recalled that in France 98 ‘, he launched the hint to’ Joserra ‘, because the journalist had said that he did not qualify the Mexican National Team, but he did go to the round of 16, so’ Perro ‘assured that below He, there was a Mexican suffering and it was a “dwarf ostrich”.

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