Does WhatsApp Web show deleted messages?


They ensure that with a Chrome tool they can be recovered.

Just five words are enough to fill you with intrigue and curiosity, when you are having a conversation by WhatsApp. « This message has been deleted », it appears in your chat and « you die » to know what the message says that it no longer exists in the app. There are stickers to recriminate them and even the most disinterested dares to ask « what did you delete? »

There is a group of developers who claim to have the solution for this messaging app event. They say that, through a section of the web version, you can see the messages that were deleted. Should this turn out to be true, Troy will burn.

In this way we are going to give you the route and you are going to try it to see if it works. However, if you read something that you will probably regret, we cannot be held responsible. You will do so at your own risk.

Deleted messages on WhatsApp Web

In order to access this function, you must follow this route recommended by Tech Blog. First of all, you must head towards the Chrome Web Store. There, in the search engine you place WA Web Plus and download this plugin.

You wait for it to install on your PC and the message that the download is complete will appear. You click on this notification and at the top, on the right is a green + sign. Press it and it should open a pop-up window.

In it you will get a message that to use WA Web Plus you must first open WhatsApp Web. So you run the function and it should already be available.

They explain that it does not work with the messages prior to this installation. Take the test with a trusted friend and see if it works.