‘Does tying Argentina taste like victory?’: Goyco ‘lifted’ Higuita

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‘Does tying Argentina taste like victory?’: Goyco ‘lifted’ Higuita

Christian Felipe Amezquita Ortiz June 9, 2021, 05:00 am

The Argentine responded to the Colombian on social networks, after the equality in Qualifying.

A new chapter in the novel Colombia vs Argentina. A few days ago the strong discussion between Sergio Goycochea and Colombian journalists from ESPN regarding the possibility of each team in the upcoming Copa América went viral.

Later, the mythical René Higuita got into the dispute to defend the coffee table. As expected, the comments on social networks exploded.

This Tuesday, Colombians and Argentines signed an agonizing tie at two in the Qualifiers, which is why the reaction of one of the two ex-footballers was expected, at least on Twitter.

The first to trill was René, looking to tease his colleague: “@ OKGoyco90, They were saved, they were saved papaaaaa, luckily you don’t win a cup, today I am more sure that in the cup we will get more LEJ0-5” .

Minutes later, the sober response of ‘Goyco’ came: “@higuitarene, does tying Argentina taste like victory? In the cup there will be no draws, Argentina will go further ”.

Far from being a hunted fight between the two, the funny crossover was given by an ingenious advertisement for a bookmaker. No friction or dislike, simple jokes between two great friends.

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