Does the series have a future without Cillian Murphy?

Maybe ‘Peaky blinders‘is now very focused on the Tommy Shelby story, but the creator and screenwriter of the BBC drama, Steven knight, has revealed that the ‘Peaky’ world could go on without Tommy if necessary.

Knight has stated in the Birmingham Live medium that, although the current existence of the series is based on the actor Cillian Murphy be on board as Tommy, that may not be the case once the main plot draws to a close after its upcoming sixth and final season.

“As it is now, it is absolutely impossible for this to work without Cillian,” he said. “As it grows and progresses, who knows? There may be other plots that are part of the ‘Peaky’ world and have to do with someone else, but he is the center around [del cual] everything turns now“.


The prospect of new projects based on ‘Peaky Blinders’ is still up in the air, although one thing we know for sure is that a movie is on the way.

Even though Knight previously suggested that the film will be the way ‘Peaky Blinders’ will end, he has now revealed, in a very exciting development of events, that he actually hopes to continue the universe beyond the planned film. “It will continue in another form, which will be the movie, and beyond that, we want the world to keep going.”, He said. “In other words, the story of Small Heath and the Shelby family will continue. I want to continue until … whenever.”

Until we have more news about the movie ‘Peaky’ and other possible future projects, we will have to be content to be excited. with the upcoming sixth season of the series.

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The executive producer Caryn mandabach has promised that the sixth season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ will be “the best to date”, adding: “Steve’s amazing ability to be prophetic about world events is only matched by his ability to make Tommy Shelby the most indelible character. of our time “.

The actress who plays Ada Shelby, Sophie rundle, has also left some clues about what we can expect from the final season, advancing that Ada is “cooler than ever” and adding that the sixth season will be “full of gun violence” and “a lot of rock and roll.”

The actress also praised Knight’s writing, saying she “knows what she’s doing.” “I am infinitely delighted with Steve Knight’s script,” she said. “I think it’s really bright and bold.”.

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