Married to Ahmed after a year of relationship, Sarah Fraisou she regrets this new marriage? She says more.

It’s no longer a secret that Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed Harroun got married. The two young lovebirds met on the set of La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 5. It is this Saturday, July 25, 2020 thatthey said “yes” after a year of relationship.

While they didn’t necessarily want to reveal the news on the same day, they really had no choice but to come out of the silence. Indeed, people who were not necessarily invited to the wedding have encrusted and published videos and photos of the event.

Sarah Fraisou and her husband shared their outrage on social media after learning of this.

Does Sarah Fraisou regret her choice?

It’s on his account Snapchat that Sarah Fraisou spoke about her new marriage. And the least we can say is that it doesn’t seem not at all regret his decision.

Even if you already live with your boyfriend you know him. It’s been a year past that with Ahmed we are together… and well I swear to you that marriage is a new sensation. Like you’re twice as much in love. You look at yourself in “Ah my wife, my man” mode even though you know each other and nothing has actually changed. But it’s so important that you have an incredible feeling.

She then added:

So really, for everyone in a relationship, doing things the right way is important. And I swear to you you felt an incredible appeasement. It’s too good

You will understand, Sarah Fraisou is a happy married woman, no offense to detractors.

Pregnant? She responds to the rumor

Overwhelmed with joy, Sarah Fraisou shares, on social networks, moments of her incredible marriage. It’s a photo of herself and her mate at this wonderful event that she recently shared on Instagram.

Several internet users then congratulated her, assuming that she was pregnant ! Hilare, Sarah Fraisou replied on Snapchat :

You’ve gone wild. I do everything to lose weight, so that my belly fits in and I have “congratulations the kid”. I have more strength.

She added:

We’re going to take it slow. Already we both enjoy. We take the second step in a year and a half and then we talk about children.

Never two without three

This is the third engagement and second marriage for Sarah Fraisou. This is also one of the reasons why the young woman is extremely criticized on the web. As a reminder, Sarah Fraisou had married Malik on July 8, 2016.

But their story quickly fell through. Sarah Fraisou decided to leave the one she perceived as only interested in his notoriety, accusing him of domestic violence.

Subsequently, it was with Sofiane that she had found love again. She was also engaged to him in December 2017 but the love was no longer really there, they then separated.

Hopefully his new story is the right one. It’s all the harm we wish him.

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