Does Rey Grupero “cheat” Cynthia Klitbo with Erika Buenfil? A video would reveal the truth

It was a short time ago that the actress Cynthia Klitbo announced that she was in a relationship with the joker youtuber, Rey Grupero, with whom he has shared sensual photographs and shows his love whenever they can.

Luis Alberto Ordaz, real name of the influencer, can having questioned his relationship with the soap opera villain, well a video was revealed where was about to kiss the interpreter and now tiktoker, Erika Buenfil.

But nevertheless, this is just a material that the 56-year-old artist was recording with Grupero in a restaurant in Mexico City.

And is that uploaded a video to TiktTok emulating the scene of the spaghetti plate in the style of “The Lady and the Tramp” so that afterwards Buenfil claims the youtuber because he is with his friend Cynthia Klitbo.

“Yesterday we went to a restaurant, They invited us there to eat and record some TikTok. I had the pleasure of meeting Érika and Nicolás, it was fantastic. It was a lot of fun. “

Recently Cynthia and Rey Grupero suffered a painful separation Well, the 53-year-old Zacatecan traveled to Peru to make recordings for a production of which there are not many details.