Does Pfizer pay Elsa Oseguera for advertising? This she said

UNITED STATES, HONDURAS. The journalist Elsa Oseguera, who a couple of days ago revealed to her fans that she had caught COVID-19, used her social networks to talk about how her fight against the respiratory disease is going.

Elsa said in a “Live” that they have not been easy days for her, referring that the symptoms of the virus have affected her health a lot. “On Saturday my bones ached, I felt fever, dizziness,” the Honduran commented to her thousands of fans.

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Does not advertise vaccines

The Honduran explained that since she learned of her infection, she has had days where she has felt good health, but then, “out of nowhere,” the discomforts returned. she. “There was a day that I do not remember the existence of that day, since I spent all the hours asleep, completely asleep,” he said.

Elsa also expressed her opinion that all those who criticize her for having suggested to her followers that they get vaccinated, since according to many users, pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna and Pfizer paid her to advertise them, which she categorically denied.

“People say that Pfizer is paying me, but no, no one is paying me,” said the catracha.

Oseguera has said that she asks her fans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, because only then can she be protected from the deadly virus.

Oseguera has said that because of COVID-19, she has lost weight.

Under weight

Elsa Oseguera also told her fans that since she has lost her sense of taste, she hardly eats as she loves to taste food.

In that sense, the journalist has said that since she was infected with COVID-19, she has lost 4 pounds. He also says that he has lost interest in eating, but that he tries to be positive about everything.

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