Does Mazepin have what it takes to succeed in F1? Doubts arise in the paddock

The worth of the new Haas driver for the 2021 season has been questioned by different members of the Formula 1 paddock in recent months, with Franz Tost being the last of them in this long list of insecure.

While what most attracts the attention of team leaders in Formula 1 is the performance that a driver delivers or fails to deliver on the track once they put on their overalls, their actions once they are away from the circuits can also significantly influence in the internal nuclei of the teams when choosing their ideal candidate for the following season.

In the case of Nikita Mazepin, the scandals in which he has been involved in social media recently, added to his attitude sometimes too aggressive on the track, especially when he is surrounded by rivals, they have only finished defining the image that the most responsible in Formula 1 have of him. Still, Haas decided to give it a go by getting rid of both Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, clarifying its position on the latest incident involving the Russian driver following the usual channels.

“You cannot turn a cow into a tiger”

Despite the approval of Guenther Steiner, Mazepin does not have the approval of all teams. The last to express his doubts about him was Franz Tost. “It could be cruel one more time and say that you cannot turn a cow into a tiger,” joked the Austrian leader. «In the end, it always depends on how much brain the pilot in question has and on what size he is in the cockpit. With all the years that I have been in motorsport, I have realized that, in the end, only those drivers who are intelligent and know why they are doing something will end up prevailing, as long as they behave accordingly, ”he continued.

Talents such as Mick Schumacher or Yuki Tsunoda, the latter a member of the AlphaTauri itself replacing a Daniil Kvyat who stopped counting for Faenza, are a good example of a safe bet for Tost, not that of Mazepin. “Some young drivers are arriving who are super good. In addition to Mick and Yuki, there is also Robert Shwartzman. For me, these three deserve a lot of respect, this generation will define the future of Formula 1 “, concluded Tost.