Fans shared the alleged proof that Lele Pons made fun of Kenia Os.

Kenia Os is one of the hottest Mexican influencers right now, and for some time now, fans have been asking me to do a musical collaboration with fellow influencer Lele Pons.

According to the Keninis, this collaboration is already a fact and it is only a matter of time before Latinas start working on their musical project.

« Lele Pons invited Kenia Os to record a new song in Miami, the same city where Lele Pons is at the moment, Kenya accepted and now they just need to make a space on the agenda to start with the iconic project! »

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However, her haters are convinced that the Venezuelan star threw hate at the Mexican after spending time with Kimberly Loaiza.

The alleged evidence that Pons mocked the Kenini

A few days ago, Lele released her new song ‘Se Te Nota’, and everything indicates that Kenya was fascinated by it, as she shared a story on her Instagram with the message: “Dura Lele Pons”.

However, the haters think that the Venezuelan made fun of the Mexican, as one of her haters shared this message:

“Aunt Os is already licking shoes, tagging Lele in her song. What a bear “: It was the post that the Venezuelan liked, which confused the Keninis a lot.

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Photo: Instagram

So far, Kenya has not commented on it, and although the fans do not stop questioning the star for this like to an offensive comment against the Mexican, she has not said anything either.

Do you think it was a mistake? Or did she really hate Kenya?

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