“Does it work the same?”, Alan Tacher concerned about “the matter”

“Does it work the same?”, Alan Tacher concerned about “the matter” | Instagram

The beloved conductor of Despierta América, Alan Tacher was evidenced in the middle of the program by questioning about “the matter”, could it be that there are problems at home? The driver took advantage of the visit of a specialist to get out of his personal doubts.

Many were surprised when Alan Tacher He decided to leave a subject “taboo” and that could be embarrassing for any man, talking about vasectomy. The former driver of Come the joy He decided to put his fears aside and confess what he was about to do, all to clear up his doubts.

Tacher took advantage of Dr. Juan Rivera in Despierta América to confess that he was going to have a vasectomy that afternoon and also revealed the reasons he had for undergoing this procedure.

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The famous on television confessed that he would undergo a vasectomy because of his age and because he already had five children; He added that he had already seen the pregnancies, births and others, the suffering that this implied for the woman and having her partner undergo a procedure to not have children would be more painful and complicated than his.

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Bluntly, Alan Tacher questioned something that will surely go through the minds of men who decide to have a vasectomy, it will hurt. The doctor assured him that a vasectomy is the best decision since it is less invasive and outpatient.

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What Dr. Rivera did make clear to him is that ice will be the driver’s best friend these days and that the procedure is reversible, if desired. But definitely the question that was on his mind the most is if everything would be the same with “the matter”.

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“Does the matter work exactly the same? In feeling, the famous questioned.

The doctor left the former TV Azteca star relaxed by assuring her that everything will continue the same, only now she will have the assurance that there will be no more pregnancies. So there is nothing left to say: Good luck Alan!

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