Does it make sense to buy the Google Pixel 3 in the middle of 2021?

Is a Google Pixel 3 worth it in 2021?

We have always advocated that buying high-end from previous generations is a really good idea. These are smartphones that have more than interesting specifications and since their prices are much lower than the most recent devices, sometimes it is more profitable to buy a phone from a year before than a brand new one.

However, this cannot be extrapolated to all phones on the market since it all depends on the context, the specific mobile and its price. Today we are going to analyze if it is worth buying a Google Pixel 3 today, a device from 2018 that has Android 11 (it will also be updated to Android 12) and that has all the other advantages of the smartphones of the Mountain View company.

Reasons to buy a Google Pixel 3

Is the Google Pixel 3 worth it in 2021?

The main reasons to buy a Google Pixel 3 are the ones we all already know. Magnificent performance thanks to Google software, a camera that even today is remarkable and supports updates, since it will be one of the first terminals on the market to receive Android 12.

The Google Pixel 3 is a terminal with hardly any weak points, ideal for all those who want to be up to date in terms of updates as well as for all those who are passionate about photography. And although in 2018 it was not the most cutting-edge in terms of processor (far from it now), thanks to Android stock no more is needed.

And it is that one of the weak points that Android terminals must improve is that of updates. Unfortunately and unlike other operating systems such as iOS 14, which is present in up to 90% of iPhones, Android 11 has not just taken off months after its release and in fact in Spain, only 5% of mobiles they have this version. This does not happen with the Google Pixel and is that the owners of these devices know with certainty that they will always have the latest updates.

Reasons not to buy a Google Pixel 3

Pixel 4a screen on

The Pixel 4a is one of the phones with the best value for money of 2021.

The main reason not to buy a Google Pixel 3 is called Google Pixel 4a, a 2020 terminal that is still an “updated version” of the Pixel 3.

The Pixel 4a is possibly the best terminal on the market for less than 400 euros, a device with a camera of ten, a more than decent autonomy, the best software, guarantee of updates and in short, a device more current than the Pixel 3.

Because when we analyzed the Google Pixel 3, we concluded that the device was the best of 2018. Now, despite being a fairly balanced terminal, It had weak points, the main ones being a frontal use that left much to be desired, little RAM and a too fair autonomy.

On the other hand we have its price. The Google Pixel 3 is no longer sold new on the Google website, but you have to go to the second-hand market. On Amazon for example it sells for about 200 euros.

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Is a good price? It is not an excessively expensive price considering that in 2018 this device had a high-end price. Now, the Google Pixel 4a is a much more current terminal and despite being more expensive, its useful life will be much longer.

So is a Google Pixel 3 worth it in 2021? Well … in our humble opinion, if what we are looking for is a Pixel terminal, Our recommendation would be to spend a little more and go for the Pixel 4a.

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