Although the Infonavit It is not a company as such, but a housing fund that obtains resources from the savings of the workers and payments from the borrowers. It must maintain healthy finances, as if it were a company.

That is why you must meet certain requirements before a credit is granted to you. One of them implies that when Infonavit receives your financing request, they ask you for authorization to be able to review your Credit bureau.

Does Infonavit check my Credit Bureau? | Photo: Pxhere

It is recommended in this case that you authorize your history to be reviewed. In this way you ensure that the credit you are given is 100 percent of the amount you qualify for according to your salary profile.

Conversely, if you do not authorize the Infonavit check your Credit Bureau, the amount they lend you could be much less. The same will happen if in case of authorization they find that you have a bad record.

In such situations they will only loan you 80 to 90 percent of the amount to which you are entitled. They will only lend you 100 percent if they can check your Credit bureau and they realize that you have a healthy history and low debts, that make you trustworthy and demonstrate that you have solvency to pay.

Condusef’s recommendations before buying a house:

Identify your needs: When you start looking for homes, look for the one that suits your needs, with sufficient size and rooms and that is close to your work.
Check the physical structure: If you have already chosen, ask an architect or civil engineer to go to verify that the house is safe to inhabit, thus avoiding accidents and making a safe purchase.
Pay attention to the paperwork: First check that whoever sells the home is the owner. (Be careful with owners in a conjugal partnership, you need your partner to authorize the sale). Check that the house does not have an unfinished testamentary judgment, that it is not mortgaged and that the deeds are correct and have no debts.
When choosing mortgage credit: Opt for a loan that fits your payment possibilities. Ask for advice, don’t be left with doubts.

Even when you have everything ready to buy your home, don’t get excited and anxious, which can lead you to make a bad decision.

Home sales agents usually pressure you to close your purchase. They even tell you that there is another interested client to acquire the property if you take a long time to make the decision.

Remember that it will be a credit for several years and is probably the home where you end up living all your life and starting a family. Again, take it easy and make a firm decision.