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The situation of the Argentine striker Gonzalo ‘El Pipita’ Higuaín He could take a turn for the following season after the club that owns his pass, Juventus, has shown the intention to end the contractual relationship that he maintains with the player and thus declare him a free agent so that he himself can find a new destination.

Despite the fact that in 2016 the attacker arrived with hype and cymbals at the ‘Vecchia Signora’, the expectation was not met, so in the following years the Italian team decided to cede it twice (to AC Milan and recently to Chelsea) , showing that the investment made was not expected.

It is for this reason, and trying to lower annual costs due to the recession that football is experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, that Juventus has planned to terminate the contract with the player in advance, thus opening some unobserved destinations by the player.

Although Higuaín could go to the MLS, where he would have some offers that he would be evaluating, a return to the club in which he excelled in his country before making the leap to European football, River Plate, which could take advantage of his condition as a player, is not ruled out. free to try to repatriate him.