Does Facebook want to be the new Microsoft Teams? Partners with ServiceNow

According to some studies, improving the employee experience can translate to higher profitability and customer satisfaction

The ServiceNow and Facebook project is increasingly focused on precisely improving the work dynamics of employees

It also aims to eliminate silos of information between the different departments of a company

One of the main changes in the pandemic was the popularization of remote work, the home office and other distributed work formats. This has allowed Microsoft Teams and Zoom-style platforms to grow in importance in recent months, something that has not gone unnoticed by agents like Facebook. Through a ServiceNow statement, an alliance between the social network and this technology was announced for its Workplace project.

The goal of the project is to improve the integration of the Service Now Virtual Agent to the Facebook Workplace. Originally, the project is intended to request support and receive various updates on ongoing requests, among other tasks. With the extra capabilities, the social network will now allow companies to create communication campaigns among their own employees. And in this way, you can share relevant content with them regardless of your space.

This proposal would help Workplace users to reinforce concepts such as collaboration and productivity. The vice president of this Facebook unit pointed out that the project with ServiceNow will allow us to continue offering better work tools to all employees. This, regardless of the physical space of your activities. In that sense, he also reaffirmed that these tools could become a true turning point.

Should Microsoft Teams and others be concerned with ServiceNow and Facebook?

Like other trends that strengthened during the pandemic, the more flexible and remote labor market has grown by leaps and bounds internationally. In Statista data, business investment in many of these tools increased, in almost all cases, by double-digit percentage. Remote desktops, collaboration utilities and video conferencing software were among the most notable, jumping more than 50 percent each.

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The actions of ServiceNow and Facebook are a clear strategy to increase their control of a market that, until now, has been dominated by Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and others. While it is true that they do not offer exactly the same benefits, they do sell services that could be considered rivals. According to Venture Beat, the company founded by Bill Gates recently added new tools, including the integration of new apps to the site.

To this must be added that, beyond the current alliance with ServiceNow, Facebook has been clearly interested in increasing its influence in the collaborative market. Since May, according to Social Media Today, he began to invest heavily in this type of project. He even decided to start designing new offices in Virtual Reality. So it’s not entirely unreasonable that, in the future, it continues to add features to rival Teams more.

More social mechanisms for remote work tools

It is not just ServiceNow and Facebook that are pushing the concept of sharing content to the professional environment, building on the popularity of the home office. Slack decided a few weeks ago to launch its own version of Stories for its collaboration platform. The goal of these short videos was to replace unnecessary morning meetings with this resource. And in this way, accelerate the most important daily activities.

Even Microsoft Teams is pushing, in a way, this idea that Facebook and ServiceNow seem to be investing in now. Since the middle of the year the company made a series of changes to its groupware. Specifically, tools were released for personal, not just professional, use of this tool. While the project was limited to mobile apps, it was still seen as a potential new initiative to rival Mark Zuckerberg.