Does El Buen Fin 2020 really work or not?

Of every 10 Mexicans, 9 plan to buy a product in the 2020 edition of The good end, according to Kantar. The purchase intention was very strong even in the middle of the contingency, but we are about to reach the end of the season and it would be good to have some data that indicates if it really works or not.

According to a fintech study, PayU, the momentum can be measured through its records and that is where the number of transactions has had a clear rise as a result of El Buen Fin. With a record of 510 thousand operations, there is a growth of 11 percent, in comparison with last year.

In other words, people are spending more money on each purchase, compared to last year, with an average of 273 pesos, so e-commerce is finally working in the country at least in the midst of confinement. During the first four days of the campaign, which will conclude on November 20, sales growth of 28 percent, compared to the same period of the event last year.

It seems that the digital part that sustains the event this year has been a positive factor. Although the percentage of internet penetration is 70 percent during 2020 (80 million estimated Internet users) in Mexico, the Mexican Internet user has an average of 4.9 devices of which they use 3.6 to connect to the Internet. This represents a 73 percent conversion between ownership and connection, but a large portion of them continue to highly doubt digital operations.

However, it is an interesting topic to see that in addition to the aforementioned increase in sales, during the first days of El Buen Fin there has been a clear boost from 45 percent in retail; 29 percent, technology and communications; 8 percent in education, beauty and cosmetics; 4 percent, in specialized services; 4 percent, in fashion; and finally 3 percent, in entertainment and tourism.

And this also coincides with figures from the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office that indicates that in the 2020 edition, the best-selling products are: clothes, shoes and television screens.

In fact, Amazon continues to lead as the favorite online store of Mexicans and is the most valuable brand according to the BrandZ Global 2020 ranking, with 43 percent, followed by Coppel (22 percent), Liverpool (20 percent), Mercado Libre (14 percent), Walmart and Best Buy (10 percent). The winning brands of the theme.

But for consumers it seems that it works, in the face of such an influx of purchases at a digital level, but also in person. The companies offer elements that seem so usable that the response has been unexpected, this increase in sales mentioned is the result of a greater effort than was made during 2019 in terms of money spent on complementary, non-basic elements, in the middle of a economic crisis.

That is probably the main feature that makes the functionality of the great sale event obvious at least this year.

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