Does Consuelo Duval debut boyfriend? Show it off and drive fans crazy

Does Consuelo Duval debut boyfriend?  It shows off and drives fans crazy (Instagram)

Does Consuelo Duval debut boyfriend? He shows it off and drives fans crazy | Instagram

Actress Consuelo Duval left everyone speechless, apparently she has new news that will make more than one of her fans happy as she finally seems to have found love

The histrionic, Consuelo Duval, who for several years has been reserved in terms of details of her personal life, sharing for the most part, her artistic career, could not keep a secret with her followers a news that would cause them a great surprise and many smiles.

The remembered interpreter of one of its most emblematic characters, “Federica Plush“caused a furor in social networks after announcing that he has found a new partner.

The charismatic artist, presenter, comedian, etc., appears in a video on Instagram where she looks very happy and hugged next to the one who has stolen her heart.

The news caused a great stir since in the images of the material, Consuelo Duval appears wrapped in a tender hug after accompanying the publication with a message that read: “I already have a boyfriend.”

Immediately, his loyal followers who keep abreast of each of his publications reacted moved to the tender publication of the famous, María del Consuelo Dussage Calzada, better known in the media as Consuelo Duval.

Through some comments and a large number of stickers, the admirers of the extroverted comedian sent her all their love, on the other hand some of them also burst into laughter as the extroverted actress appears next to a large bear that affectionately hugs her.

As everyone knows, the renowned television star has distinguished himself for having the power to snatch some smiles, always showing the good humor that characterizes her, which has also led her to give life to such emblematic characters in her career.

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So on this occasion, his followers could not help but smile and comment on his publication.

Just one of those who do not bother, ‘Introduce me to his brother’, ‘At this moment I wish I was that little bear’, ‘Uyyy what a handsome man and what arms’,’ You can see that he treats you well, that he is a true gentleman ‘his fans and some of his colleagues reacted.

The histrionic managed to add more than 15 thousand likes after the publication where, in a very funny way, she presented her new beau.

It is worth mentioning that so far, the collaborator of series such as “Heirs by accident“, which has already entered its second season through the Claro Video platform.

It is a romantic comedy made up of a great cast as it will star two families, one Spanish and the other Mexican in the midst of confusion over an inheritance.

Duval, who plays Silvia in the series, is the matriarch of a family that makes up this story, her character is impulsive and self-confident, flirtatious and seeks to have everything under control.

On the other hand, the also presenter of the broadcast of “Divine Net“She has not disclosed any relationship in recent years, in which she has been totally focused on her career and in the same way on one of her most important tasks, that of being a mother.

The famous Mexican, who has stood out as an important voice actress is the mother of two children with whom she has bragged on several occasions, has an excellent relationship.

Their engines

Both have followed in the footsteps of their famous mother in show business, her son, who is a heartthrob, Mich Duval.

The 26-year-old has studied in Mexico and the United States where he has also settled in some parts to consolidate his career, particularly in music, however, he has already participated in television and theater productions.

In Mexico, he participated in stories like “Atrévete a Soñar” where he played (Juanjo) “Mujeres as3s! Nas” and even “La Familia Peluche”, a program where Consuelo consolidated her career in the world of television and comedy.

Some series such as “Señora Acero” where he played Salvador Acero Aguilar. “In New York he participated in” Romeo y Julieta y Pericles “.

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Likewise, the 52-year-old actress has her daughter, Paly Duval, who has also shown that artistic talent runs through her veins, inherited from her mother, until today she has served as a singer, host and actress, possibly you got to see her in the Telehit program where he collaborated.