Does Anuel AA withdraw from music after “break” with Karol G?

Does Anuel AA withdraw from music after the break with Karol G? (AFP)

Does Anuel AA withdraw from music after breaking up with Karol G? | .

The name of the Puerto Rican singer Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago internationally known as Anuel AA It has become synonymous with success, dedication and one of the greatest celebrities in the music of the reggaeton genre and Latin trap, however it seems that it will soon cease to be so because it seems that it announced that it was retiring from music.

For a few weeks it was confirmed that his relationship with fellow singer Karol G had come to an end, several netizens, in addition to being saddened by the news, began to reach certain conclusions, despite all the “evidence that had been found”, the singer denied these rumors.

This because it was stated that for a long time Anuel AA She depended a lot on Karol G, however it should be noted that she managed to make great successes without her being involved, so all these rumors were undone.

The 28-year-old singer shared a video on social networks where he performed a song, in which they say it will not appear in any album because it is a song by American rapper Eminem, so he decided to share it only via IGTV.

The song What they say was based on to make this version in Spanish is “Stan” by Eminem feat Dido ón version released in 1999, although there is also the rhythm of the song “Thank you” by Dido with whom Eminem worked, this melody to in turn, it was released a year before his collaboration with the American rapper.

In the version of Anuel AA He dedicates the song to his young son, with it he supposedly announces his retirement from music, because according to the lyrics of the melody he neglected his son a lot, who even claims he thinks more of his followers than of him.

In the song you can see that he is telling that despite having fame and others, he always ends up going through depressive moments, in which his son is indirectly involved, many concern him with the supposed break with Karol G Interpreter of “Tusa”, it is believed that this was the case because for some days the Puerto Rican has been sharing some clues about his current emotional situation.

Apparently after he left the penitentiary, the singer will finally have time to share with his son, it is said that he could start living with him, in a part of the single he states that it is his own son who wishes that he no longer sing and just be with him.

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Due to this statement in the lyrics of his song it is believed that he could be announcing his music retreat, although it could also be that he is preparing for a long break in order to return to his career in the future, in which we are sure he has done quite well throughout these ten years of career.

There is a phrase that has made all his followers aware of his career “In these Grammys I retire”, so it is also believed that his last presentation could be at this awards ceremony.

His freestyle surprised netizens so much that they immediately started making him popular and trending his name on Twitter again.

A part of me has been broken listening to this little piece of Anuel, “wrote @ soniaoreo1.

Several Internet users are saddened by the news, and beg the Puerto Rican to think carefully about what he is doing, because it will be extremely painful not to find another artist of his stature, red hearts and extremely sad memes parade through Twitter after they found out of its resolution.

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