Does Ángela Aguilar look like María Félix with the same sizes?

Does Ángela Aguilar look like María Félix with the same sizes? | Instagram

If something distinguished the famous actress María Félix, in addition to her talent, were her measurements that made her one of the most prominent icons of her time, some of them have been revealed and one of the clear references of her figure could be celebrities such as Angela Aguilar, with whom the small waist of both shares similarities between them.

The Doña“She was one of the richest women in her youth, by which we mean that she had great talent, an indisputable beauty, a strong personality and also a bearing that made her a fashion reference for many women.

The famous “Mexican film diva“She always stood out in the industry and not only because of her brave character on and off the stage, her silhouette did not overlook, slim and slender the native of Sonora, she managed to dazzle in each of her appearances.

At 1.75 tall, the former wife of Jorge Negrete and the so-called “Flaco de Oro” (Agustín Lara) had measurements of 81-58-84, weighed a total of 64 kilograms but what undoubtedly stood out the most was her small waist, which she always managed to enhance with garments accompanied by good taste.

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In addition, taking into account that in his youth, trends were marked by garments that provided greater emphasis on the waist area.

Today apparently, the memory of “María Bonita” has found a strong similarity in the young singer, Angela Aguilar, who also has a slender figure.

One of the most important figures of the “Golden Cinema” in Mexico who began an extensive career that spanned from 1942, when he debuted with actor Jorge Negrete in the film El Peñón de las Ánimas, and until 1978. 36 uninterrupted years completely devoted to the acting.

So he also left a huge legacy in the most prominent stage of cinema in Mexico, the so-called “Golden Age”.

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Born on April 8 and baptized as María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña, known under various pseudonyms, “La Doña” and “María Bonita” among the most popular. He started in the world of acting at the age of 28 and that is how his rise began by becoming one of the important references in the industry. His fame transcended borders in America and Europe.

It was in Spain where he would record around 10 films, according to his only son in an interview, the star had the opportunity to collaborate on tapes for which he had to move to the “mother country”.

In Mexico, Maria Félix would have reached the peak of success with films including “Doña Bárbara”, “La Mujer sin Alma”, “Doña Diaba”, “Enamorada”, “La Cucharacha”, “Tizoc”, “La Escondida “,” The empty star “,” Flor de Mayo “,” Café Colón “, among many more.

In Europe, he shot films such as Mare nostrum (1948), An Anyone Woman (1950) and Saturday Night (1950), which were shot in Espeña.

However, the native of Alamos, Sonora, and considered by many as “La Indomable”, sought to expand her horizons and have her name be heard in other parts of the world.

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In 1951, María Félix participated in the Franco-Spanish co-production, La corona negra (1951) in Italy, he made the films Incantesimo tragico (1951) and Mesalina (1951), in Argentina he shot, “La Pas! Ón d3snuda”, in this same year, the “Doña” returned to Mexico and married the actor and singer Jorge Negrete.

The couple would collaborate together on projects such as “The Rapture” and “Camelia” which were shot shortly before the famous actor’s departure in 1953.

After this event, María Félix returned to Europe and settled in France. Unfortunately, it would not be one of the strongest losses for the “diva”, her only son lost his life in 1996 as a result of a cardiac arrest, which they say, plunged her into deep sadness.

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Finally, after many years, María Félix lost her life precisely on the day of her 88th anniversary in 2002, her death was attributed to “natural causes”, a heart attack would end her life while she was asleep.