Does Alejandro Fernández court Luis Miguel’s daughter in networks?

Does Alejandro Fernández court Luis Miguel’s daughter in networks? | Instagram

The singer, Alejandro Fernández, surprised more than one on social networks after giving several “likes” to the first-born of Luis Miguel, It was some of the photographs of the young woman that will arouse the interest of “Foal”, which was not directed at Michelle Salas but at Macarena Achaga.

Alejandro Fernández Abarca, better known in the music scene as Alejandro Fernandez, surprised all users on social networks after the regional music interpreter left several “likes” to the publications of the young Argentine.

The evidence emerged from social networks when the “Charro de Huentitán” liked each of the images of the young Macarena Achaga, the actress who plays Michelle Salas herself in the Netflix plot, which addresses the life of the so-called “Sun of Mexico

It was after the Argentine model published an image where she wears a black and white outfit, her outfit seemed to do without the s0st3n. Together with the publication he wrote a message.

Hurricane Macarena calls me dad but because of the chaos I do, it was the legend that accompanied the most recent post by the actress of “Luis Miguel: La Serie”.

Moments later, one of the reactions that appeared was that of the winner of six Billboard awards who apparently is not the first time that he gives “Like” to the photographs of the 29-year-old histrionic.

It was in recent days that the “ancestor of the Fernández dynasty” showed his approval in one of the most recent content that the young actress has shown through her official Instagram account.

As is known, the current girlfriend of Juanpa Zurita, Macarena Achaga will be in charge of giving life to the character of the daughter of the “Sun” in the authorized bioseries that on April 18 will make her contribution to Netflix, apparently, the denoted @ macabeso on social networks has won the admiration of the 49-year-old artist.

The father of the singer Camila Fernández Guinart, is together with Luis Miguel one of the greatest figures of the show inside and outside of Mexico, although their relationship is not so close and has been accompanied by various controversies.

Both have followed very different genres, however, this has not diminished their merits and triumphs in each of their trajectories, obtaining various recognitions for their contribution to the industry.

During his career, the regional and Latin pop artist, Alejandro Fernández, has managed to sell around 15 million albums and has obtained six Billboard Awards.

For his part, Luis Miguel, has also starred in successful presentations, some of them unforgettable like the one he gave in Acapulco or the National Auditorium in CDMX. Without a doubt, from a young age the famous “Puerto Rican” has managed to cause a furor in each of the places where he reappears.

Recently, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, is about to star in the second season of Luis Miguel: The Series in which he would address a large part of his life and in which the relationship he has maintained with his daughter, Michelle Salas, at the which until today has not given his surname.

This, among many other unknowns that for years have surrounded the life of the “divo de México”. Luis Miguel procreated Michelle Salas when he had a fleeting relationship with Stephanie Salas, as a result of that meeting, the today young model and influencer was born, who from the first season began to appear in the history of the star.

In the middle of the next arrival of the second season, for several months some of the names that will act for each of the most important people in the life of the “Sun” have circulated, although the relationship between father and daughter is far from being so close, his name continues to be a key point in the midst of the controversial episodes.

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