Dodge sold half of the Vipers sold in 2020 in the first quarter of 2021

Although it sounds strange, this news is real as life itself. Stellantis’ North American arm continues to have sufficient stock of Dodge Viper units in its US dealer network for the model to continue to appear in the company’s quarterly and annual sales reports.

Although the headline seems to have been taken from an article 4 years ago, the truth is that it is not a misprint, but of truthful and current information that comes from the latest sales reports published by Dodge in its home market, the United States.

In this first quarter of 2021, Dodge dealers have managed to sell 2 units of the latest generation of the Dodge Viper, a model whose last unit left the assembly line in mid-2017. It has been no longer manufactured for about 4 years and therefore it is discontinued.

Dodge Viper TA 2014.

However, the fact that the model is not in production or that it does not appear in the catalog or official price of a brand does not mean that we cannot find units available at dealers. In the past we have already talked about similar cases also starring the Dodge Viper or even a limited edition model as rare as the Lexus LFA. Also, in the aforementioned latest Dodge sales report, The Viper is not the only discontinued model to appear, as Dodge and Chrysler dealers also managed to register units of the extinct Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200, models that disappeared a year before the V10 sports car.

The last generation of the Viper was premiered in spring 2012 and remained in production until mid-2017, at which point the last unit of the sports car rolled off the assembly line at the Conner Avenue plant. This red specimen was auctioned months later along with the couple’s last one-million-dollar Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.


As for the Dodge Viper, the 2 units sold in this first quarter of the year account for half of those sold last year, since in 2020, 4 sales of the model were registered in the US market, a figure very similar to that of the previous year, since in 2019 only 5 units of the 10-cylinder sports car were sold.

The last Dodge Viper comes off the chain and with it the legend diesThe last Dodge Viper leaves the chain and with it the legend dies