Dodge announces that it expands its range of SUVs publishing these teasers

Dodge SUV spy photo

When Chrysler LLC went bankrupt it seemed that the firms that formed it were going to disappear. Even when the defunct FCA Group took over, the roadmap to follow did not seem very clear. We saw it with the movement that was marked when sell Chrysler models in Europe under the Lancia logo. Or the Fiat Freemont, which was nothing more than the highlight of the model that was previously sold with the Dodge emblem. But that ended, and until today.

Yes, because as these models have ceased their life cycle, FCA firms have not launched relays. Thus it is logical that their portfolios are as they are, freeing up vital market segments that their rivals are taking advantage of. But that is over and to solve the problem Dodge just published four “spy photos” that show what will be their next novelty. A mid-size SUV that, although camouflaged, looks very attractive …

Dodge has shaped its new SUV based on the GAC GS5 …

First of all, clarify that the Dodge we’re talking about has nothing to do with the Hornet which we have been talking about for several weeks. Yes, because the vehicle that you can see in the images published by the ram’s signature is not unpublished. In other words, its development is rather a highlight of the GAC GS5 that is currently on sale in China. For its part, the Hornet is directly related to the Alfa Romeo Tonale and will be European.

If you have to talk about design, it is still too early to give details. However, the camouflage allows us to see how Dodge has modified the design of its “little Chinese brother.” Especially on the front, with a grill one smaller size. For the rest, it seems that both models share style lines in optics, side and rear. The rest of the details are under “seven keys” but we should not take much longer to know them.

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For the moment there is no official date for the presentation of the new SUV Dogde. The message they have published on their Twitter account is limited to saying that “here are the first camouflage images of the future Dodge Mexico SUV.” Therefore, it is clear that it will not reach Europe, staying to fill the gap left by the Journey when it left the market. Better not to talk about mechanics, because it will be a carbon copy of the GAC.

Source – Stellantis – Stellantis México by Twitter

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