The Association of Doctors and Graduates of Madrid (Amyts) They have gathered this Saturday at Puerta del Sol a large number of doctors to pay tribute to the fatalities of the coronavirus. In addition, health workers have defended their work against the pandemic and have worked “like wild beasts” despite the “chronic precariousness” of Spanish Health.

The act has started with «A sincere memory of the victims of the pandemic and those affected» and then it has given way to a “vindication of the badly mistreated medical professionals and higher graduates before, during and after the pandemic”.

The concentration has had the presence and collaboration of State Council of Medical Students (CEEM), CESM, Medicine students, MIR, R0 residents, doctors from public residences and from all levels of care in the Community of Madrid.

AMYTS Secretary General, Julián EzquerraHe regretted that “Primary Care for decades has seen how it has been left to die, it has not been strengthened, it is not gambling because it really is the basis of the system.” “Less budget, less staff, more healthcare pressure, more bureaucracy on the doctors’ backs,” he criticized.

Has also made mention of some poorly managed hospitals, with fair templates that generate unlimited waiting lists, with mistreatment of the doctors, who are denied the rest of the Saturday guards, who are deducted, rather they steal, 10 hours of guard every month ».

For his part, María José Barrera, doctor of public residences of the Community of Madrid has assured that the doctors of residences are “proud to work for the most fragile people” and has made them ugly that they are considered “invisible”. “No one has yet asked us for our opinion on what has happened nor have they answered a letter that we sent to the regional government on June 11,” he criticized.

Barrera has explained that “The disaster” in the residences came because “the measures were late”, there were no resources “to take care of all the residents who were getting sick.” “They have kept us working without resources and with unfortunate working conditions,” he added later during the reading of the manifesto.

Already in resident representation (MIR), Dr. Raquel López has shown that although they are considered “cheap labor” they are at the same time “indispensable for the proper development of normal hospital activity”.

“We are often subjected to high physical, psychological and academic pressures, and all this rewarded with a salary-scholarship that belittles the work and the responsibility that we assume ”, he launched.

Dr. Lucas Robles, in representation of those approved by the Specialized Health Training, has asked for “a choice of places with guarantees, transparent, that is in real time and at the height of the demonstrated effort.”

“We need institutions committed to training and the future of medicine that are committed to providing health services with means of protection and human resources so that the training process is safe for both professionals and patients,” he said. Claimed the Secretary General of the State Council of Medical Students, Alicia Díaz.

Finally, the AMYTS Deputy Secretary General, Angela Hernández, He called for “managers up to the task, to act responsibly, from the foresight and protection of professionals without short-term political conditions.” “We demand respect, dignity, improve our conditions and immediately establish a negotiation that allows us to solve all the problems we pose,” he said.