Doctors’ conscientious objection to abortion, “a constitutional but not unlimited right”

Mexico is very aware of the decisions of the Supreme Court on abortion.

After the historic ruling, last week, in which it declared its penalty unconstitutional, the judges are now debating the right to conscientious objection of medical personnel.

The High Court recognizes that it is a constitutional right, but it is not an “unlimited” right that allows discrimination against women and minorities.

Voting was suspended until next week. The decision is complicated, as recognized by the President of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar:

_ “This matter is highly complex because it confronts us with a rule that certainly seeks to protect a right protected by the Constitution, freedom of conscience, but which has the potential to affect other rights such as health and, very particularly , the sexual and reproductive rights of women and pregnant people “. _

“It is a documented phenomenon that conscientious objection has been used to deny legal abortion services to women and girls, as well as family planning services, prenatal care and sterility treatments, among others, to LGTB + people,” added Zaldívar.

Protests against abortion

Protests from anti-abortion groups follow one another.

The Catholic Church on Sunday criticized the decriminalization of abortion. On the same day, the Mexican government asked to review the 432 files opened this year for what until now was a crime.

Today, abortion is only legal and free in four of the 32 Mexican states: Mexico City, Oaxaca, Hidalgo and Veracruz.

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