Doctor who received the Sputnik V vaccine in Bolivia tests positive for covid

A doctor who was vaccinated in the city of Santa Cruz, the region hardest hit by pandemic of covid-19 in Bolivia, tested positive for this disease despite having received the first dose of the vaccine Sputnik V.

The director of the Departmental Health Service of Santa Cruz, Marcelo Ríos, reported this Friday the first case of a contagion of covid-19 of a person who received the first dose of the vaccine.

Ríos explained that « there is no greater relevance of gravity » in the doctor’s situation and that he may receive the second dose of the vaccine next week.

In addition, it indicated that the doctor presented mild adverse effects like some of the others vaccinated like dizziness, headache, pain where the vaccine was given, but that these symptoms are not contraindicated to receive the second application of Sputnik V.

The director clarified that the people who present allergies after application or « Adverse effects« Seriously are those who cannot receive the second dose of the vaccine.

The following week the vaccination with the second dose after 21 days have passed since the health personnel Santa Cruz received the first application.

Ríos indicated that at least 2,200 health personnel received the first dose in that department.

He also reported that from next week people who wish to be vaccinated when the other batches of doses arrive in the country can register in a single registry to plan the vaccination process in that department.

« It will allow us in an orderly manner to know how many vaccines are needed, who they are and the people registered in the system will be able to schedule a place, date and time so that they can attend in an orderly manner, » Ríos explained.

In the first phase, priority will be given to frontline groups such as health personnel, the Police, the military, prisons, nursing homes, people over 60 and people who have diseases base.

Santa Cruz is the region hardest hit by the covid-19 which accumulates 83 thousand 723 cases and 5 thousand 213 deaths.

Bolivia reports 239,524 cases and 11,353 deaths since the first contagion was reported in March last year.

The immunization process for health personnel began earlier this month with the first 20,000 Russian Sputnik V vaccines that arrived in the country.

This month, 500 thousand vaccines are expected to arrive from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, 100,000 donated and the rest purchased by the country, as well as those acquired through the Covax Mechanism of the World Health Organization (who) which are 92 thousand 430 doses of Pfizer and 900 thousand doses of AstraZeneca.

The country also purchased more than five million vaccines Sputnik arriving in phases from March and a similar amount from Oxford and AstraZeneca that will arrive from April.