Doctor Who actress Amii Lowndes is found dead

Doctor Who Actress Amii Lowndes Found Dead | Instagram

The recent case of a famous 29-year-old has set off alarms, the actress, Amii Lowndes, who will act in series such as “Skins” and “Doctor who“He recently lost his life, apparently derived from a condition called” SUDEP “, which would be strongly linked to patients with severe epilepsy, according to the forensic report.

The series star was found dead in the yard of his parents’ house, according to reports. Amii lowndes, She had previously presented two epilepsy attacks in the weeks prior to her fatal outcome, as a consequence the interpreter presented what is known as “sudden mu3rt3”.

The well-known figure of the show in Hollywood, who was also part of the medical drama “Casualty” would have traveled from London to Bristol during the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was in the garden of the house where her parents found her lifeless, the young woman , would present a series of “convulsions” for which it was impossible to revive her, it transcended.

According to other details until today, the young woman had not been diagnosed with this condition so she was not receiving treatment for it, according to her relatives, they did not think that her health could deteriorate to such an extent.

Amii’s first attack was three years ago, but with her mu3rt3 we found out that it was SUDEP, we would have liked to be given the opportunity to know that these attacks could be lethal, such as heart attacks, said Bea, Lowndes’s mother. to “The Mirror”

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“Losing her was never in our heads”

We are very hurt. Amii loved fun, was full of life and had lots of ideas. We are very sorry for your loss. Nothing will bring Amii back, but if we can save another family that is passing by our d0l0r, it will be worth it “, concluded the artist’s mother in the middle

They describe, Lowndes would have visited a specialist in 2018 after presenting his first attack, the next occurred in May 2020, however, they say, at that time the neurologist did not detect a picture of epilepsy.

Even, they point out, the professional allegedly suggested in a telephone consultation with Amii that the attacks could be related to a heart problem. So then, she was not treated for epilepsy.

The case has aroused strong controversy and outrage in the UK, many questioning whether it was medical malpractice? a Malpractice?

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Similar case

In July 2019, unfortunate news shook the world of cinema, the young actor, Cameron Boyce, the star of Disney Channel, lost his life in similar conditions.

The famous figure from “The Descendants” presented a seizure while sleeping at his home in North Hollywood, on July 6 of that year.

In his case, it transpired that the actor and philanthropist did receive treatment since he presented epilepsy pictures as it transpired, the coroner indicated that the causes of his outcome were linked to this same condition, SUDEP.

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What is SUDEP?

(Acronym for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients) According to the Cochrane site, SUDEP is the cause of mu3rt3 due to epilepsy, it occurs around one to two d3c3sos per 1000 patients per year.

Seizures, called “generalized clonic tonic seizures” (CTCG), the person’s gender, the young age of the first seizure, the duration of the seizures, and the use of certain antiepileptic medications are believed to increase the risk of present SUDEP.

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Although an official or exact cause is not properly known for the reasons why it occurs, some other factors that he points out may be related are heart failure, respiratory difficulties and brain damage after a CTCG picture.