Dr. Dong Tian, ​​29, died of a stroke on Saturday, a week before his 30th birthday.

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A doctor Chinese 29 years died of a stroke after fight against the coronavirus for 35 days in a row.

The Dr. Dong Tian, an anesthetist, was pronounced dead in a Hubei hospital on Saturday morning, a week before his 30th birthday.

The doctor He worked nonstop on the front line for more than a month before collapsing and being transferred to the hospital on March 3.

He was treated in the Intensive Care Unit for 19 days before he died, according to reports. He left his wife and father sick.

The Dr dong He had been caring for his sick father, but offered to go back to work in late January when the outbreak of coronavirus it spread throughout Hubei province, its former epicenter.

They gave him a break on February 29 and isolated him due to quarantine requirements, but he suffered a sudden headache and was unable to speak.

Zhijiang People’s Hospital, where the Dr dong, announced his death on March 21.

The Dr dong He was hailed as a hero in a video of his funeral in his hometown of Dangyang, in Hubei province.

“Welcome home to the anti-herocoronavirus, Dong Tian, ​​”read a banner on the toilet.

“Comrade Dong Tian was efficient and proactive in his work,” said the hospital. “He respected the leaders and was kind to his colleagues.”

“Dong Tian is a leading representative of the” millennial doctors, “his medical school wrote in a separate statement.

“He used his life to express his benevolence and love as doctor“said the university.

The news comes as 3,675 medical workers from across the country have returned to their home cities, as China reported zero domestic cases for the second consecutive time on Friday.

(With information from Dailymail and The Observer)