Monday September 14, 2020, viewers awaited the return of Doc Gynéco on the plateau of Touche not at my post (C8). But it has not happened. The interpreter of Vanessa finally decided to plant Cyril Hanouna for reasons that he explains in a Facebook post. The day after this rabbit, the TPMP team reacted to the air.

“My friends, you don’t like TPMP, you told me not to go, you would rather I didn’t. To all of you, I can say it: I prefer to follow the advice of the public and not to go. So i didn’t go“, wrote Doc Gynéco on the social network Tuesday, September 15. And to explain what had motivated this radical choice:” According to your virulent comments, you did not want me to go and you told me feel at TPMP a flow violent with hatred and mockery (…). We will not eat the bread of shame. ”This Facebook post is inaccessible today.

Doc Gyneco “would have twisted because of another person”

Explanations that made the troublemaker of the PAF react and his team of columnists on the air of C8. “We are on the investigation. He had to come. He was like a madman, he came to see me at the office yesterday, launched Cyril Hanouna. And there, I do not know. Apparently, people would have poked his head on him. We’re talking about a plot, I’m not kidding. “The 45-year-old host, who describes Doc Gyneco as” a person you love, casually “, explained that his columnist” apparently twisted because of another person. ” “It’s more annoying than we thought,” he lamented.

Visibly touched by this whole affair, Kelly Vedovelli also wished to speak. “I didn’t really appreciate what was said, she said. In fact, we are just sorry because we like him too much, it was going really well with him. We shared a lot of things together. ” For his part, Cyril Hanouna felt that it was not necessary “not to react to what he wrote”. “Doc Gynéco, we love him. He’s our friend,” added the star host of the channel.

Finally, he specified that Lionel Stan, CEO of H2O Productions, was investigating this case.