Do you want to be part of Acapulco Shore? Know the requirements

Do you want to be part of Acapulco Shore?  Know the requirements (Instagram)

Do you want to be part of Acapulco Shore? Know the requirements | Instagram

Now one of the programs most watched by young people “Acapulco shore“It is recruiting new elements so if you want to be part, these are the requirements so surely you want to take note, it will interest you a lot.

Yes, one of the most controversial reality shows that exist today is “Acapulco Shore” and it seems that he would be looking for new elements to be part of the program.

So if you would like to be part of this reality show and become the new Mané, Celia Lora, Talia or be like El Potro, Jawy or any other of your favorite members, this you must know to be.

In fact, in the same social networks of the program, a series of requirements that applicants who want to be part of the new season of the Acapulco Shore program would have to meet.

A series of interesting requirements are those that people who are interested in being part of this very controversial reality show would have to meet.

One of the requirements that you must meet is that you be a person who is attractive and likes to exercise and stay in a “fitness” state.

In addition, you must be between 20 and 30 years old, with a disposition to go out, party and show yourself without any qualms as you are, but on television, even if there is some kind of d3snudo.

So if you identified easily with this, let us tell you that you could be an excellent member of Acapulco shore.

It is worth mentioning that so far this has not been confirmed by the production of Acapulco Shore, who lived his last season in the beautiful and paradisiacal beaches of Mazatlán.

Last year we were able to appreciate how for several weeks the members of Acapulco Shore lived the nightlife of Mazatlán, Sinaloa to the fullest, where they entertained many people from all over Latin America for one more season.

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On the other hand, it seems that the next season of Acapulco Shore could portray a very special wedding for all its followers and that is Manelyk and Jawy they got engaged to an exclusive and extremely luxurious party held last night at a hotel in Tatacoa, Colombia.

And although the meeting was held to celebrate Manelyk’s birthday, it was finally the perfect setting for Jawy to kneel in front of her and ask her to marry him in front of his closest friends, all from the hit MTV reality show like Karime, Ignacia Michelson, Jey or Eduardo.

The “Mane Fest 2021” was held in a luxurious Colombian hotel, which adapted its facilities so that the “aca shores” lived a spectacular experience in the light of the moon and with a party like the ones they usually do in their different adventures

Each one of them appeared with quite vaporous outfits to enjoy the luxurious evening, which concluded with the most anticipated proposal in the history of Acapulco Shore.

As expected, both Manelik and his guests shared photographs and videos of their arrival at the Colombian hotel and after the moment that will undoubtedly mark the influencer and businesswoman’s birthday forever.

Everyone was enjoying the night, when Jawy decided to hug his girlfriend and kneel in front of her to surprise her with the ring and marriage proposal.

Mane managed to ask “It’s a joke, right?” and seconds later he checked the intentions of his partner and accept the idyllic offer.

As we mentioned, the images of the romantic moment when Mane showed her engagement ring in front of her guests were shared on social networks and in a matter of hours they became a trend and attracted attention among all the followers of Acapulco Shore, who are already waiting looking forward to the wedding of the couple identified as Mawy.

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