Do you want software developed by NASA? You just have to ask

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) offers more than 800 software programs that can be downloaded for free to create a new company, improve an existing product, create a new product line or to gain competitive advantage in the market.

The NASA Software Catalog 2021-22 classifies programs into 15 different categories, including: crew and life support, electronics and electrical power, aeronautics, propulsion, data and image processing, environmental science, autonomous systems, processing and management of data servers.

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Software developed by NASA… free

The NASA software featured in the catalog is available for use at no cost and the list of programs is growing and there are regular version updates.

The free software is part of NASA’s Technology Transfer Program, which seeks to ensure that innovations developed in its research projects are widely available, maximizing profit.

The Agency says that two of its programs have been adapted and used by entrepreneurs, other government agencies, researchers, among others.

These are TetrUSS and WorldWind.

TetrUSS is the most awarded software in the history of NASA, it is a set of computer programs used for the analysis and design of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics.

These programs allow engineers to design the shape of an aircraft to minimize drag, thus maximizing fuel efficiency.

The software is widely used to minimize the carbon footprint in other government organizations, the aerospace industry, academia, and non-aerospace industries such as automotive, biomedical, and civil engineering.

WorldWind is a software development kit that helps developers create geographic information systems. The most common use cases of this program have to do with the monitoring of meteorological patterns, the visualization of cities and terrain.

It has also been used to track ground vehicles, for geospatial data analysis, flight tracking, satellite tracking, and geographic education.

WorldWind visualizes NASA data using a virtual globe similar to a video game, which allows users to zoom from the height of the satellite to any point on the surface of the planet.

Recently, in the month of May, NASA itself announced that Mexico was experiencing the worst drought in 30 years, experiencing its worst drought in 30 years. Using images from NASA’s Earth Observatory and other data, the Agency also determined the low capacity of large dams across the country.

According to Program Executive Dan Lockney, entrepreneurs, business owners, academics, universities or government agencies could solve real problems by making use of NASA’s software repository.

“In the race to mitigate the effects of man-made climate change, man-made technology may be a key advantage,” Lockney said in a NASA statement.

NASA will host a webinar on July 13, 2021 to give the public an opportunity to learn more about the download process and ask questions about available NASA software.

How to request a software code?

To get codes for NASA software, which will send two missions to Venus in 2028 and 2030, you need to create an account or log in if you already have an existing account.

Then you will have to select the “request software” button below the item description in the software catalog entry.

Complete the application form and fill in all the required fields before you can submit your application.

Requests are automatically directed to the Software Release Authority (SRA) of the relevant Center for processing.

Many open source software codes and NASA mobile applications provide a URL link so that the applicant can download the software directly, without a request.

If all goes well, within five business days the person identified in the request will receive an email notification indicating that the Software Use Agreement is ready for review and signature. (With information from NASA)

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