Do you want extra storage on the iPhone? Try this OTG USB flash drive

IPhones do not have the possibility of expanding their storage, but what we can use is a flash memory that connects to the Lightning port to store data, photos, files or movies.

usb OTG flash drive iphoneA compact accessory that adds extra storage for very little

This USB OTG for iPhone will allow you to expand the memory of your iPhone or iPad for a very low price. The 32 GB option barely costs 10 euros storage, but if you add it now to the basket and buy it on November 23, you will get an even more important discount.

Buy OTG USB flash drive for iPhone

With the Files app which is included in iOS we can access this external memory as if it were a computer. We will can copy files, view folders or move any document from iPhone memory to external USB, or vice versa.

It is one of the most affordable options for expanding iPhone storage. We have options up to 256GB in which we can store heavy files and access them only when we need them without taking up space on our iPhone.

Specifications and Compatible Devices

We have several interesting options, one of them has two types of connectors, one Lightning and one USB to be able to connect the memory to a computer and also to our iPhone. Other Lightning connection options can be wired to a Windows computer or Mac.

usb OTG flash drive iphoneThe dimensions are very small

Options with Lightning connection are compatible with all iPhone models on the market and with all iPads except for the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air that use USB-C.

The truth is that this little accessory has a very neat design and it offers us a lot of extra storage that can be perfect for movies, music or large files.