Who would not like to have shiny, smooth and silky hair? The keratin It is one of the most recommended treatments to restore vitality to hair. In case you decide to lean towards this option, it is important that you avoid making these mistakes.

Do not read the indications of the product. Although you know each of the phases of the application process of this treatment, it is important that you carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations, this simple step could save you from embarrassment.

Apply with dirty hair. Before applying, experts recommend washing your hair very well with a shampoo without salt. Then you must remove the excess water with a towel and then use the dryer.

You must wash your hair before keratin

Not dividing hair correctly: To achieve a better effect, professionals recommend dividing the hair into small sections, which in turn will be divided into strands to ensure that the treatment takes effect, when doing so make sure to apply the keratin from root to tip.

Wash ahead of time. It is normal that once the treatment of keratin Your hair becomes greasy, however you must wait until the date indicated in the instructions for the product to wash, before this time you should avoid getting your hair wet.