Do you want a PlayStation 5? This simulator for PC lets you brand new one

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PlayStation 5 is available in select regions now and will debut this week in the rest of the world. If you had problems getting a console or you think that it is not yet the time to enter the new generation, keep in mind that you can still release the Sony console.

This is possible thanks to PS5 Simulator, a PC game that allows you to open, install and use the next generation system in a virtual way. It is an independent title that has attracted a lot of the attention of the players due to its peculiar proposal.

The most striking thing is that all players can take a look at PS5 Simulator, as it is a free project that is already available for download.

PS5 Simulator lets you fulfill your dream of owning a PlayStation 5

PS5 Simulator is a PC game developed by Alex Grade, who decided to take advantage of the arrival of the new generation console for his latest project. The creative took everything with humor and clarified that his game is not a AAA.

The simulator description makes it clear that it has first-class realistic graphics, but no ray tracing. Like every game in the genre, PS5 Simulator bases its gameplay on physics, so don’t expect it to be that easy to unpack and use your PlayStation 5.

Grade said that his game allows fans of the brand to debut the console before many other players in the world. In addition, PS5 Simulator includes “the worst cable management, like in real life”, according to the creative.

As we mentioned, the simulator can be downloaded at no cost. If you are interested in trying this peculiar experience, you must visit this link, start the download and complete the installation. Below is a gameplay of the game:

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PlayStation 5 is now available in countries like Mexico, the United States and Japan. It will be available in the rest of the world on November 19. Find more information about the console at this link.