Do you think the design of the Super Saiyan God is very simple? Its author explains why

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Thanks to Dragon ball super we were able to experience a new level of power that we had never seen before: the Power of the Gods. This does not only apply to celestial beings, but the Saiyans themselves are also capable of channeling it, although fans believe that their visual representation is quite simple.

Basically, it is a simple change of hair color and aura of Goku and Vegeta, but outside of that there really is no real change. Even the Super Saiyan Blue keeps the same hair as him Super saiyan normal, except in a different color. What is this about? In accordance with Akira Toriyama, creator of the manga, it was so Goku would “look more human”:

“I was reluctant to make Goku look too macho or having a dazzling transformation, so I wanted to correct the course in the character’s evolution. On the other hand, a Goku without any changes would be difficult to understand, so I limited myself to changing only the color of his hair and eyes. “

In addition to the previously mentioned changes, the body mass of Goku is also slightly reduced with this transformation, something that is also intentional if we are guided by the words of Toriyama.


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