Do you suffer from heartbreak? Rosalía’s message that alerted fans

Do you suffer from heartbreak?  Rosalía's message that alerted fans (Instagram)

Do you suffer from heartbreak? Rosalía’s message that alerted the fans | Instagram

What seemed to be moments of happiness for the singer Rosalía, suddenly they would have vanished or at least they were the first suspicions on the part of her followers after a strange message that the famous shared through her account of Twitter.

Before the words of the Spanish interpreter, Rosalia, his fans immediately gave him various interpretations.

Just a few days ago, the famous woman would have shared a series of images in which she seemed to show signs of being in a relationship, it was on her Instagram account where one of them showed her carrying a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

Immediately the speculations about the possible new romance of Rosalía were placed in the first news, her fans would be the first to rejoice for their favorite artist.

However, the post he shared on Twitter would break all expectations and suspicions arose around an early breakup.

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Some suggested if the famous singer originally from San Esteban de Sasroviras, Spain, would have ended a relationship.

Sometimes the commitment does not mean forever, it is only until it is over, points out the meaning of the phrase written by Rosalía Vila Tobella.

Moments later, Rosalía wrote another message in which she shared a message of a flushed face. What immediately generated thousands of reactions like many of the other messages of the interpreter of “With height”.

And it is that the winner of the Latin Grammy Awards for her song “Badly”, in addition to many other recognitions, seems to be so focused on her career that until now she has not been known any prospect despite being considered a very attractive artist.

It has even been revealed that some other music figures have enlisted as her suitors, among them, J. Balvin, who assured that his love for her was unrequited, or the singer Ozuna, where the rumors with him were quite strong.

The music star has only shown an official relationship with C. Tangana, who would end up breaking her heart into pieces, and until now she had not known about someone else with the beautiful musical revelation, taking into account that she also saves a lot well that part of his life.

However, apparently they will not rest until they see the singer in love and now a new name is emerging on the scene, the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro, whom he met earlier this year in which they made a collaboration together, everything would have indicated that it was possibly the lucky.

So far Rosalía has not confirmed or denied anything about these suspicions.

A whole revolution

Rosalía quickly became a revelation, the current ambassador of traditional flamenco who mixes various genres including pop, trap, hip hop, electronic music, etc., making her style unique and special.

The Spanish idol has become one of the favorites of young audiences who imitate her particular style that she has printed in each of her presentations.

He has even been able to inspire not only his fans but also other music figures who have tried to imitate some details of his singing and performing on stage.

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It has been a phenomenon that thanks to her transformations have led her to be taken as a model of dolls for girls, the so-called “Bratz” together with Ariana Grande, both have been positioned among the favorites even from children’s audiences.